Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Sort of visit to Sedona

You can't accuse us of great planning.  Somehow, with all the time we have, we managed to visit the Grand Canyon and Sedona on Memorial Day weekend.

We knew it would be crowded in Sedona on Sunday, because we had just watched the Phoenix news the night before. They listed Sedona as the Number One destination for vacation!

From Flagstaff we take Lady Blue down Route 89.
Looks easy on the map.

Within a few miles, we realize it's 7% grades down, with 15mph curves and switchbacks.  We lost track of how many.  

But---a beautiful road.  And we did see a number of tour buses coming the opposite way.  Only met one on a sharp corner. 

We were in Oak Creek Canyon with a number of parks and day use areas on the way.  So full, the rangers were blocking off the parking lots and cars were parked all along the road.

Not too many cars in front of us.  That's because we were going slowly.  Eventually all traffic stopped for a backup into Sedona.

Didn't bother us.  We were enjoying the scenery.

A very interesting town.  There was no parking today, but we plan to come back.  Any day other than major holidays would probably offer abundant parking for cars and motorhomes.

Lots of shops, art galleries, and restaurants.

We saw the Pink tour vehicles all over Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

While enjoying the downtown, you also have great views of mountains.

Leaving town, there were still great views.

Also saw some fantastic homes built into the hills.

We were sure that this must be a destination for a number of retirees.   Probably not inexpensive.

South of town was still a many mile backup.  Reminders of leaving the Cape.

This was a park south of town with many hiking trails.

Coming up will be our visit to the Grand Canyon.

South and North Rim. 

We both have to agree that the Grand Canyon was everything we ever expected and much more.

It helped that the visibility was good on both rims.

We'll be back with more,  soon.

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