Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Summer 2017 in New England

Almost two months since last post. What have we been doing?  Lots.  Lots of visiting and spending some quality time with friends and family. These pictures are from a typical New England 4th of July parade.  
 Note lots of red, white, and blue for watching along the parade route.
This is about a 1968 Chrysler Imperial that was seen on a cable TV show called Madmen
A slick all white interior.
Some great visits with grandchildren.
He loves playing games with Grandma.
Another visit in Rhode Island.  
Sister and Son.

And, of course, grand daughter.

A great deck to visit and wonderful food.
Don't be misled. Bruce knows very little about tech stuff.

Up to Maine this time to visit with daughter and son in law.
Also a great dinner at Province Lake Golf Club

Also a chance to see the progress on their new home that they are building themselves.  We understand that we will soon see the new home with new roof, siding, windows, doors, and more.

Another grand daughter with her new bike.
A very classy new bike.
Also , a great visit to the White Mountain section of New Hampshire.  This time to visit with another son and his fiancee and her family.  Oh, and also time for a birthday celebration.
A great time for cousins to see each other.  Doesn't happen often enough.
Food. Always great food.
A wonderful back yard with a large fireplace.
Great for socializing.
What a group.
A great pic of most of the two families, thanks to Mike in the lower left.  How do you do that Mike?
Three brothers working on the screenhouse.
Or are they?

Working the smoker always requires some extra supervision.
Some neighborly Alpacas
Also a chance for cousins to have a ride on horseback.
A ride and a great view.

Another chance for Grandma hugs

Older cousins had time for all kinds of books and fun with younger cousins.

Grandpa had time for youngest grand daughter as well.

For old times sake.
Lady Blue likes her camping spot

With a great view out the back window.

Did we mention youngest grand daughter?
Both families had a chance to go for some great fishing on New Hampshire lakes.
Shortly after, everyone heads for Cape Cod.
Our first stop is in Sandwich . Here , we are at the Sandwich Marina on the north end of the Cape Cod Canal. You can watch a lot of fishing boats unload here as well as some larger boats.

Even at the marina, an antique Model A Ford.

While having lunch at a newer restaurant on the canal, we see this yacht entering the north end of the canal.  Note the smaller, but good sized Whaler type boat in the foreground. We counted 4 or 5 decks on this giant. Note all the electronics as well. If anyone cares to look it up, the name on the boat is Annastar.

Back to our favorite campground in North Truro, Mass. Cousins have another chance to get together.

 Special time together

And this time, an August birthday.
Tree stumps can become all kinds of other objects.

The fiancees discover a mutual like for bike rides.
This time at the Highland Light

Uncles can be great for shoulder rides.

At the Truro Vineyard, the youngest finds a new friend.

A chance for a seafood lunch at Bookstore Restaurant in Wellfleet.
One of our favorites.

The Audubon Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is always a good destination for kids and adults. 

Right off the walkway are hundreds of Fiddler Crabs to watch.
She may be too young to ride the bike, but she can sure try on brother's bike helmet.
Another visit to the Bookstore Restaurant with its great view to Wellfleet Bay.
This time a great view from Pepe's Restaurant in Provincetown, Ma. In the background one of the sailboats out for a tour and MacMillan Wharf.

Grandma and Grandpa offer to babysit so that the three brothers and significant others can enjoy a night out.
We understand they really did enjoy!
This VW Westfalia was at our campground. But here, the owner was showing off for everyone on Commercial Street.

Jan says "Thank you" to Bailey and Nancy for the lilies and sunflowers.
A good bike ride to Corn Hill with Pamet Harbor in the background.

Typical beach bums.
The youngest enjoying some bayside beach.
Thanks to family members for some of our pictures.
Views of the full moon from our site at North of Highland.
Attention to detail.
This antique-WWII?--jeep also has the extras
like mailbag
Jerry can, knapsack, water canteen.
Also footlocker? in the back and camp shovel with cover by the driver.
Time to leave.  We stay a few nights at Nickerson State Park in Brewster.  Over 400 sites on 1900 acres with 4 or 5 kettle ponds.
Of course, one last chance at raw oysters from the Bookstore
Really enjoying the last day on a Cape Cod beach!