Friday, August 30, 2013

Cape Cod to Maine

One of the things we wanted to be able to do with Lady Blue was visit Herring Cove Beach at the very end of Cape Cod.  It just happened to work out after a quick trip to the grocery store in Ptown.

Our senior America the Beautiful Pass gets us in to the beach for free.

There are spots open right on the beach!  We just back in and we have a perfect spot!

The view from inside is wonderful, but it's even nicer outside.  You can watch the Boston boats come in to harbor and leave or watch the whale watch boats head out to the viewing areas. 

This is also a good head out spot for biking the Provincelands bike trails right out of the Herring Cove parking lot or head into provincetown.

Also, a perfect spot for sunsets over the water---often accompanied by cheers and applause from other beachgoers.

The beach is narrow at high tide, but note this is the clearest water for swimming---also usually a bit on the chilly side.

That is Race Point Lighthouse in the distance.  A long, but doable walk.

For families , you need to know that the water gets deep very quickly.

Jan's summer angel helps to watch the sailboats.

Heading back off Cape, we wanted to look at Scusset Beach State Reservation.  It is a state park just over the Sagamore Bridge but away from all the busy sections.

It was much nicer than expected, being right on the Cape Cod Canal Bike Path and very, very close to the Scusset Beach swimming area. 

Also, the state park is about one third the price or less of the private Cape Cod Campgrounds.

The Canal bike trail is 7 miles long in each direction and will take you from the north entrance at Cape Cod Bay south to the railroad bridge in Bourne near the Mass Maritime Academy.

This is the railroad bridge , just south of the Bourne Bridge.  Love the extra designs done in the 1930's.

Along the way , you will likely see large barge traffic, many boats of all designs and sizes, and other bicyclists and fishermen.

I had to snap this picture quickly.  The fisherman had caught a striped bass that was too small for keeping. He quickly reeled in his line and released this bass for another day.

For family and friends, this is a view from the campground across to the Coast Guard Station, Seafood Sam's Restaurant?, and the marina is to the right.

Jan's grandmother and grandfather lived to the right and back about a half a mile.  That would be our kid's great grandparents and Emilie, Madison, and Lucas's great, great grandparents. 

Emilie was a baby, but I'm sure she has seen the picture taken with GG (great, great grandmother Marion Pope) when GG was 103 years old.

It's great that Lady Blue fits so nicely into the yards of friends and family. 

Next stop is at Alison's and Keith's in Maine.

It's so nice to see family. 

Such a nice smile Alison!  You too, Jan and Nikko!

Alison and husband Keith are putting finishing touches on an old , just about abandoned Victorian house. 

This is just the outside with all brand new windows and siding and paint.

The inside required much more and looks absolutely fabulous.

Keith is all smiles at his control table.

Great work Keith!

Alison loves being in her kitchen.

When is breakfast Alison?

Homemade breakfast with homemade maple syrup!

We'll be back!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cape Cod National Seashore

Well, it's been a while. And the reason for that is that we have been quite happily occupied visiting with family in favorite places.

WARNING: This post has a number of family pictures , but you might want to scan through for pictures of the Truro and Provincetown area , Cape Cod.

Heading for New England, we made a stop at Arrowhead Marina in Glenville , New York near Schenectady.
The campground is well maintained on the Mohawk River.  Always an enjoyable stopover.

For this trip we decided to head out on Route 2 through Troy and on to the Mohawk Trail.

Heading out of North Adams, Mass. it has one hairpin turn. the restaurant on the curve is still just as popular as in years past.  Probably because of the view--maybe for the food too?

Since Lady Blue is self contained, we happily accepted an invitation to park in the driveway of Scott, Rachel, and Lucas.

Lucas is happy to see Grandma again.  Well, at least we think so.

Say, Dad, want to hand me that phone.

How about one of my own soon?

Next morning Mom and Dad are off to work, but they suggest a great stop at Westward Orchards for a little blueberry picking.

Great stop also for fresh cider donuts and other goodies.

The bushes were loaded with blueberries.

Almost seemed like cheating, it was so easy.

Nope, that didn't stop us at all.

What a great idea for picking.  They had a number of these old Marshmallow Fluff containers with a loop to hang around your neck.

Two hands free for picking.  Great!

Another great driveway stop to visit Gary, Patty, and Emilie.

A nice big yard and tasty hamburgers,corn, and pasta salad out on the grill.

Even a good campfire in the back yard thanks to Emilie.

After this, we had a great visit with Richard and Gail Ashcroft--great lobster salad, marinated mussels, and Somerset Creamery ice cream over brownies on the porch.

Since our destination is Cape Cod and our reservation cannot begin until Saturday, we decided to make a reservation for two nights Thursday and Friday , at Shawme Crowell State Forest  in Sandwich, Mass.

That is a nice quiet campground with large separated sites just over the Sagamore Bridge.

Thus, we eliminate any traffic jams leading to Cape Cod on Saturday.

Doesn't take long for Jan and Gary to get comfortable on the beach visiting with family.

You folks been here before??

Sometimes it is nice to have a little Grammie time.

Madison's favorite warmup chair.

The beach was unusual this year.  In the distance is the normal ocean beach with nice clear water and waves.

The wild storms over the past winter formed an inlet between the beach and the ocean.

Great for jumping at high tide.  Click on the arrow to play.

Jan loves using the oven in Lady Blue.  And one great use is making a double decker hot milk sponge cake with mocha frosting for two birthdays.

Happy birthday Emilie and Madison!!!

Yes, each girl had her own candles.

Relax Dad, Grammie has it covered.

What to do besides the beach?

The vote is for a visit to Provincetown.

Gary and Emilie are happy to give us a smiley picture on the Ptown wharf.

Cousins don't get enough time to visit each year.

Always a great time when they do get together.

Right Madison and Emilie?

Getting everyone together for a picture is difficult.

Here we have Jan, 2 sons, and 2 grandchildren.

Missing from this picture is one more son, a few daughters-in-law, a son-in-law,a daughter, and a grandson.  How about photoshop?

See you soon--Alison and Keith.

One of the big attractions for Cape Cod is the Cape Cod Rail Trail.  It is a full 22 miles from Wellfleet to Dennis and you can add a spur to Chatham as well.

Madison wore out her Grandma and Grandpa with a first ride of 28 miles(out and back).

Gary and Emilie could only stay for one night. Maybe more next year?

Scott, Rachel, and Lucas decided to give camping a try for three nights---brave!

Lucas says he's ready!  Mom and Dad look ready!

We've camped at North of Highland Campground in North Truro(at the end of Cape Cod) for 44 years.

It is basically a tenting campground with 237 sites and no hookups (dry camping).  Opened in 1954, it was established well before the Cape Cod National Seashore which surrounds it.

Besides its friendly family atmosphere, it is located such that you can walk for about 10 to 15 minutes down a sand path to a great ocean beach., Head of the Meadow.

This tent looks like an easy put together.  Hey Gramps, do you actually know how to put one of these together?

Lady Blue fits nicely in a regular spot--no hookups , but plenty of room.

Much better Grandpa, let the Dads set up the tent, you spend some great time with Lucas.

How much does he weigh?

Don't worry Lucas, Grandpa won't drop you.

Lucas and Mom and Dad had a great first camping experience.

Okay, ready for the beach.

But, is the beach ready for us???

Beach, here we come!

We know it's naptime under the umbrella.

But,-----whose naptime is it?

A favorite Maggs activity is body surfing--catching a wave and riding it in to shore with just yourself--no board.

We see Madison ( on the right) is catching on just fine next to Sean (Daddy)

Time for another visit to Provincetown.

Even with some modern additions, this small town still shows it roots as a fishing village on the tip of the Cape.

You can see some of the old flavor with a look down Commercial Street.

Some of the classic buildings include the library sporting the cupola in the background.

For many visitors to Provincetown, the visit is not complete without a stop at the Lobster Pot Restaurant.   It is located on Commercial Street close to the corner leading to the main wharf.

Big smiles on the Ptown wharf.

How could you not like a sunny day in a beautiful spot.?

One of the best connections to Provincetown is the fast ferry that travels from Boston to Ptown.

It eliminates all of the Cape traffic , only takes about 1.5 hours

Above is a typical sight from the wharf in Ptown.  In the distance is Long Point light which is at the very tip of the Cape.

Jan and I have always enjoyed bike riding, so we are very happy to have added 2 bicycles and a bike rack to our Lady Blue. Besides the Rail Trail above, there is also a Province Lands bike trail through the dune around Ptown.  We like to do our own 14 mile ride from ocean side in Truro to Bay side (only 3 miles across or less at points) to the oldest lighthouse Highland Light or Cape Cod Light

This is from the Bay side at Beach Point.
 It is the Lilac cottage from Day's Cottages, an iconic view of this part of Cape Cod.

It's sunflower season--lots of gardens in this part of the Cape.

A pretty cottage above the beach on bayside.

We sometimes get a chance to talk to these owners and compliment them on their gardens. They are in bloom from Spring into Fall.

We always have to stop at Cold Storage Beach. This is a beach where fishing boats used to moor off the beach and pulley the fish in to cold storage buildings on the shore.

It is also where Truro Recreation used to have swimming classes in the summer and where our kids learned to swim in the summer.

 Next stop is Truro Vineyards.

These are Cabernet Franc grapes--pretty close to ripe .

We love the old farmhouse built around 1813. 

The large tree to the right is supposedly a gift from a sea captain--a Chinese Mulberry-- around 1813.

Originally, it was a dairy farm.

A look at the insides of the winery

Jan is inside the aging and blending room. 

Beautiful oak casks , charred and filled with
a number of blends of wines.

That brings us to our last stop which is the Cape Cod Light or Highland Lighthouse-the oldest lighthouse on Cape Cod