Friday, December 8, 2017

From Rayburn COE to Double Lake National Forest, Coldspring, Texas

Where does the time go?  We last published over two weeks ago.
The picture above is from our last site on Rayburn Reservoir. 
Since then, we moved to Sandy Creek COE on Steinhagen Lake in Jasper, Texas.  
After a few days, we needed to head towards our home base , Rainbow's End Escapee Park in Livingston, to pick up our mail for the all important vehicle registration. Along the way we did our due diligence and had Lady Blue inspected.
 Inspection is very quick in Texas.  
About 5 minutes to see if everything works and then pay $7.50.
After catching up on shopping and other matters, we moved over to Lake Livingston State Park.  One day we were walking in 80 degree weather and then a few days later it is in the 40's.
Our next move was yesterday to Double Lake National Forest Campground in Coldspring, Texas.  This is part of the Sam Houston National Forest.  
Did we mention the temperature falling into the 40's?
 This morning we woke up to this ! 
What's that all about?
And, the temps stayed in the 30's most of the day.
 Because Lake Livingston State Park is so large and close by, this National Forest Campground---only 65 sites--is much quieter. Still quite popular on weekends though.  We were lucky to get a lakeshore walkin site.
Above is the view out our window.
 There is even a nice walking trail that goes all the way around the small lake.
Note Lady Blue through the trees.
 We had to add in this sunset from our site
at Sam Rayburn.
Wasn't it nice of the fishermen to move into the picture at just the right time? 
We have neglected picture taking while taking care of chores, so Jan and I will try to do a little better the next few weeks.