Friday, September 12, 2014

Naples, Maine to Freeport, Maine

In the center of Naples, Maine there is the causeway with Long Lake on one side and Brandy Pond to the Songo River on the other side. The Songo River will connect boaters to Sebago Lake, the second largest lake in Maine. The center of town has been renovated in the last few years with a new bridge and new sidewalks to spruce up the tourist area. The River Queen still offers rides , although they just cruise on Long Lake and not down to the Songo River Lock.  The view from this spot can be spectacular. On a clear day you can see some of the Presidential Mountain Range in New Hampshire.

Walking on the nice , new sidewalk to the bridge offers views of private boat traffic traveling between Long Lake and Brandy Pond.  Many pontoon boats indicate how locals value a quiet ride on the lake.

Captain Jack's is a Florida Keys style open deck restaurant at the Marina.  From your table, there is a great view of Brandy Pond, the marina and the new Naples bridge.

There are some serious private boats here, capable of leisurely travel on the river or fast, all day travel on Sebago Lake.

Jan is remembering 1969 and a ride on an airplane just like this one, from this very spot.  We shared the ride with friends Peter and Jeannie.

Jan said "no way" to a repeat ride.  Huh??

A short distance from downtown Naples is Sebago Lake State Park.  Always a favorite stop for us.  This is the first time recently that we have a choice of the Naples Campground and Site#31, recommended by Sean and Madison.  Our rear windows give us a great view of Sebago Lake.  And, as you can see, Jan has easy access to the beach.  By the way, for campers, these are large sites and many are good for RVs.  This campground, Naples, is dry camping.  Witches Cove to the right is also quite nice and has a number of electric and water sites.

This was a warm weekend in September, so sitting on the beach as the moon came up over the lake was a good option.

Not a bad location for some colorful sunsets too.

Another good stop, just a little north of Portland, Maine is Freeport, Maine.  To most people, Freeport, Maine means the LL Bean store and other outlet stores in a picturesque town.  

But, Freeport is also on Casco Bay with lots of good ocean views.

Don't tell too many people, but one of the nicest campgrounds around is Winslow Park , a town park, where the Harraseeket River empties into  Casco Bay.  With some 90 acres, the Harb family donated this estate to the town back in the 1950's .  There are no hookups.  Some seasonal campers are located in large sites back from the water.  But all of the water sites are reserved for visitors with a maximum 2 week limit.
This is a typical water site and many were available when we visited this year.

There are a few trails around the large park.  Many great views like this one.  It seems there are always sailboats, kayaks, and small fishing boats out inn the bay.

One of the views is over to Freeport Marina.

The view from inside Lady Blue is so great that we have to add another day!  Oh the decisions when your are fulltiming.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Herring Cove to Lyman, Maine

What a great time in New England!  Visiting with friends and relatives and enjoying the late summer weather.
This picture happened when Jan and I, Evalynn, Lucas, and Scott were enjoying Rachel and Scott's backyard.  There were many dragonflies and this one landed on the holly bush.  I took a picture with my new camera, but it came out very dull. This picture was taken by Evalyn(Rachel's mom) with her cell phone.  Great picture Evalyn!!!!!

Jan and I enjoyed our second week at North of Highland.  We visited with friends in the campground, went on some our favorite bike rides, and some of our favorite walks.

Time went by way too fast.  Jan kept saying "Rewind, rewind, rewind".  That was more so for our way too short visits with family.

Our site was dry camping ( no water, electric, or sewer hookups) , but it was a very relaxing and enjoyable site.  Jan even had a Cape Cod room, looking down into the scrub oaks.

We decided to get up early one day and head to Herring Cove Beach at the very end of Route 6 in Provincetown.  That is the same Route 6 that ends in California for some of you RVers following along.  Since we have everything with us , we can swim, have breakfast or lunch, and bike ride.

The view from our windows includes Wood End Lighthouse.  We are surprised at how quiet the beach is today--there is a large celebration in PTown tomorrow with Carnival Week.

When we arrive, there are about 30 fishing boats offshore.  Sometimes a great place for fishing.

From Lady Blue we have great views of sailboats and the whale watch boats.  Today the boats are full. We understand the viewing has been good and we were able to see the whales blowing off of Race Point Beach around the corner.

Sitting in our chairs, we enjoyed the sun and a swim in the very clear and not too cold water.  Late morning was time to hop on the bikes and take a nice bike ride through the dunes , up to Race Point, around the backside , and into Provincetown to enjoy the old houses and beautiful gardens on Commercial Street.

Many houses date back hundreds of years.  Jan and I have noticed that the properties are very well maintained this year.

During our ride, we cannot resist stopping at Pepe's on the water for a lunch.  Surprised?  We didn't think so.  Let's see, raw oysters, clam chowder, kale soup, and a scallop roll---wonderful!

Oh, did we mention wine?  Guess not.  We were very careful bike riding back to Lady Blue.

Heading off Cape gives us time for some repairs and maintenance on Lady Blue in Bourne.  Shawme Crowell State park is close by so we stay there for the night and visit the Sandwich Marina on the Cape Cod Canal.  This is a lobster boat that just offloaded its catch.  Jan and I did not realize how busy this marina is with commercial fishermen.  It seems that noontime was a good time to catch the fishermen returning with their catch.  The Sagamore Bridge can be seen in the background.

How could we not stop in Littleton to see this guy------and everyone else, of course!!

Lucas was all on board with using the hose for some backyard fun on a hot day.  Of course both grandmothers were supervising closely!!

Alison had made special plans to entertain all of us at their camp in Lyman, Maine.  Nice picture Alison and Jan.

Alison and Keith with their friend Becky went to special lengths to create some wonderful meals.  Becky even brought up a wonderful clamboil from Somerset---chourico and all.  

Great food--breakfasts from the grill, hamburgers,hot dogs,barbecued chicken, and don't forget that special handpicked blackberry sauce we had for the pancakes and ice cream!!!

Rachel and Alison had some nice conversations catching up on the goings on and discussing early childhood education.

Lucas schmoozed too.  Adding his toes worth to the conversations.  He stopped at politics though, said it wasn't the right time.

With Alison and Keith and Scott and Rachel, there were 4 kayaks, a canoe, and a motorboat at the camp.  Perfect opportunity for Lucas's first kayak ride.

He loved it!!

Even though they live not too far away, out of staters, like Scott , need to obtain a fishing license when they want to fish.  Scott and Dan(Becky's husband) both purchased one day licenses and both had some good strikes and catches on the pond.

For Grandma and Lucas, it was rock day.

Lucas says he loves the dirt roads.

Can you believe that this was the first time for Jan and I paddling a kayak?

Jan thinks it's a great idea and we will need to see about renting a few on our travels.

That's Alison in the background.

We will leave you this posting with a view from Cold Storage Beach on Cape Cod Bay in North Truro, Mass.  This was taken on one of our bike rides.  This is always a special beach for us.  All of our children learned how to swim here.  In the distance on the far right, you can see the Provincetown Monument