Tuesday, September 10, 2013

To Acadia National Park

There has been a little lapse in our coverage.  You might be wondering why?
Computers are sometimes very cold objects---no heart.
Ours decided to go on strike--would not start---not a good thing for those of us on the road.

But--on the way to Bar Harbor, we stopped at a Best Buy and had some good luck.  The girl at the Geek Squad desk took a look and quickly found the problem to be static which was easily fixed by removing the battery and pressing the start key.

Who knew static could cause such problems???

While we were there, we decided that relying on one computer for all we do is a little risky, so we added an IPad.  It's small , but still large enough of a screen to do our email, bills, and some other internet things.  It may take a while for us to learn everything, though.  The blog is still being added on our Sony.

So, where were we?  Oh, yes.
We had a chance to say hello to brother Clifton and his wife Vicki.  We had  lunch at The Old Mill Restaurant in Westminster, Mass.  Such a treat.  Jan and I couldn't remember the last time we had been there, but it had to be almost 50 years ago. 

The building dates from 1761 when it was used as a sawmill.

It's worth a visit just to wander around the property.

We love looking at the old exposed wooden beams.

You might want to just watch and feed the ducks on the pond.
The restaurant actually leaves out old bread for you to use.

The menu was good as well, beginning with their specialty fritters and pecan rolls.

Thanks so much Cliff and Vicki.  Good to see you again.

Cliff , I have to say that everytime I see a picture of you it reminds me of our grandfather Maggs.

It had been years since we had traveled up Route 1 in Maine.

We didn't remember much about Boothbay Harbor, but it was great to visit.  We stayed at Shore Hills Campground about 3 miles north of town.  It worked well, because they offered a shuttle to town. 

Our motorhome may be only 24 feet long, but there was very little parking in Boothbay Harbor.

As usual, we asked around for recommendations for dinner and the name Lobster Dock was mentioned.  Later we learned that it was also mentioned in Yankee Magazine.

It was a short walk over the harbor foot bridge.

There is something about approaching a Maine restaurant and seeing the lobster bins first.

That and the view of the harbor are good for a set down stay.

It was nice to put in your order and watch them pick out the lobster.

A beautiful day to be outside.  We could sit at our table and watch the various boats enter and leave the harbor.

We think these folks were headed out to whale watch.

Somehow, our attention is diverted by the arrival of the lobster.

That's a home made biscuit on top, a good sized lobster, ear of corn, and under the lobster are a great number of steamed Maine clams.

They call this a shore dinner in Boothbay Harbor.

The next stop is Camden Hills State Park.  We find a nice site with a view out our rear windows.

And then we walk into Camden town. 

Another beautiful harbor .

And another great restaurant right at harborside.

From our table on the porch at Waterfront Restaurant, we can watch the sailboats take visitors in and out of the harbor.

There are a number of larger sailboats, some three masted, catering to the late summer visitors.

The view from the library is quite spectacular.

But, on we move to Acadia National Park.  We had added bikes again to our RV travels. 

One main purpose was to ride again at Acadia on the carriage roads.  John D. Rockefeller Jr. built these carriage roads from about 1913 to 1940.

They are considered to be the best crushed stone roads in the United States. These roads are 16 feet wide.  But you will only see bikes, hikers, horse pulled wagons, and horses.

Here, we are above Jordan Pond.

Wildwood Stables offers horses for riding on the many miles of carriage roads.

You can imagine all of Rockefeller's friends and family enjoying these many roads back in the 20's and 30's.

In addition to the roads themselves, there are a number of beautiful stone bridges along the way.

We often will just stop to admire each one as we ride the roads.

Even the drains are well engineered and beautiful.

Another view from our bike ride.

This time towards Seal Harbor as we near Jordan Pond again.

Sure does raise your appetite.

Some lobster might be in order.

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