Friday, June 27, 2014

Glacier National Park-Apgar

The sun returned and Jan and I headed for Glacier National Park--the West Glacier entrance and Apgar Campground and Apgar Village.

Some beautiful scenery just on the road into the park.

Once again, our America the Beautiful pass allows us free entrance to the park( the normal fee is $25.00).  Also our camping fees here will be half price or $10 per night, dry camping.  One downside to keep in mind is that we had absolutely no phone signal, TV,or internet at any of the campgrounds.

We find a site on loop A, the only one open on Friday.  But, if you have a choice, we would recommend B or C.  Still, this is a very comfortable site.

The campground is an easy walk to Lake McDonald. southside, and also Apgar Village and the Visitors Center.  All within a few miles walk.

This is one of the cottages along the shore.

A half mile from our site is this view.  You can see some kayakers on the lake--also enjoying the splendid view.

Since 1914, tourists have been able to move around this huge park in the Red Bus vehicles.

Considering the mileage , the price is not too steep.
Unfortunately, the Going-to-the-Sun Road is still closed for snow removal and will be for a while.

Our second day is a bike ride around the south of the lake and over to Fish Creek on the west side.

Every corner in this park elicits a "Wow" for a different view of these snow covered mountains.

Jan was not too excited about these signs on the bike trail.

Grizzly Country???
 It didn't help that the ranger at Fish Creek Campground asked if we had seen the bears on the trail.????

It seems there were black bears on the bike trail earlier, but we missed them.

Jan kept the noise level up all the way back!!

Some views from the bike trail--and road.

Lake McDonald goes for miles.  As in other national parks, there are many, many hiking trails around the lakes and into the wilderness.

Some interesting flowers pop up along the way.  This is, we believe, beargrass.

After checking with the rangers, we find that Going-to-the-Sun Road is open to Avalanche Creek.  Little Lady Blue is too tall and too wide to travel all the way over the road, but  she can go to Avalanche Creek.  And everyone else has to stop there as well because of the snow.

This is a rapids on the McDonald Creek.

Lady blue really enjoyed the Going-to-the-Sun Road.
This link will take you to information and pictures on the Road.  Scroll down on the left on that site for a link to the pictures. .

We had mentioned the snow the week before.  Most of it has melted, but also there is a large snowmelt with the warmer temperatures. 

The river is really moving.  If you look to the left of this picture, you can see how small the people are along the far bank. Also, remember, you can click on the pictures to enlarge.

It was the weekend and unfortunately, we could not park at Avalanche Creek.  But , we did find a spot at McDonald Lodge, right on the lake!!

The Lodge is celebrating its 100th birthday this summer.  Back in the early 1900's, the railroads built a lot of these lodges or hotels within a day's horseback ride of each other. The idea was to encourage tourists to stay even though there were few roads in the park.
From the front of the Lodge, you can take a boat ride or rent a canoe or kayak.

You can imagine how the tourists in the 1900's loved this lakeside part of the hotel. 

It's probably a good time to mention here that we are working with a new camera now.  The camera is wonderful, but I've noticed that the large files are changing some of the colors when they are minimized for the blog.  I'll be working on that.

Inside, at Luckes Lounge, Jan and I decide to take advantage of a window seat and a great view of the lake.

Jan had a glass of Dark Horse Cabernet from California( and I have a glass of Going-to-the-Sun IPA ( ).

With those, we have a great Wild Salmon Dip with home made bread and vegetables.

With so many pictures from Glacier, Jan and I decided to divide them into three issues.  This one--Apgar-is the first. The second, in a few days, will be Two Medicine on the East Glacier side. And the last will be Many Glacier , a little further north on the east side.

Back out on Route 2 Lady Blue climbs easily to the Continental Divide at Marias Pass.

We are so glad that we waited for good weather.
It would have been a shame to miss these wonderful views.

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