Friday, December 19, 2014

Sandy Creek COE and return to Rayburn

Waiting for dentist appointments gives us an opportunity to explore some of our favorite COE parks around Livingston, Texas.

Sandy Creek is one that we discovered last year. Then we were lucky to get a cancellation site on Thanksgiving weekend.

This year it's after Thanksgiving and before Christmas.  We are one of very, very few in the park.  Beautiful sites on B.A. Steinhagen Reservoir. The following links are some interesting items, the first is a Youtube video of a gator hunt in 2012 benefiting Wounded Warriors. The second is some information for kayakers about opportunities around Steinhagen.  We know a number of readers are kayakers as well as fishing enthusiasts. Steinhagen Wounded Warrior Gator Hunt and Canoe and Kayaking near Steinhagen. On the Southwest Paddler  page, be sure to click on the Photo Gallery on the left. Then go to very bottom of the page to load in some nice pictures of paddling adventures all across the Southwest.

Note: the above picture was taken from inside Lady Blue..

Jan is very happy on site #21.

Sites are quite level, long. and well separated.  This site is 50 amp as well as 30 amp.  That cost us $1 extra per night, but we liked this site. That extra $1 meant that we were paying $9 per night with the Senior Pass.

The office has a small garden.  This time of year there are few living plants, but some are still producing flowers.

This is a very small variety of cotton.

And, yes, there is still a small cotton boll on the plant

A rose???

No, it is a blossom on the cotton plant.

There are two areas in the campground. This abandoned house is on the road over to the second area.  it is fenced in and the grounds are well maintained.  Not so, the house itself.

I know------some of you were thinking this was our new home.

Steinhagen is a very shallow lake.  The Bald Cypress are quite at home here, giving it a southern swampy feel.

Not so great on the bass fishing, but evidently there is good fishing for the three varieties of catfish.

It takes a good walk to get over to the other campsites, but then---

Lady Blue looks so comfortable over there!

The winter look of the Bald Cypress.

We see this white heron all around the shore of Steinhagen.

Sometimes, the pictures around a quiet lake make you want to read one of those scary murder mysteries.

Maybe Not
On to Rayburn Park COE for a return visit.  Time to get out the Christmas decorations.  The plus of our smaller home is that we get to really appreciate the needlepoint work of Vivian Pope( Jan's Mom).  She was a crochet and knitting person.  This was new for her way back when.

Little momentos, but---     A Christmas tree from Alison, a lighthouse form Scott, and a " God Bless our Home" from United Parish remind us of past Christmases.  Fond memories of school concerts, school and Chorale dinner  concerts at Independence Harbor, and some wonderful holiday services with lots of Christmas music and a wonderful Brass Choir---right Sarah?
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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