Sunday, September 27, 2015

Still Visiting

Gee, how can you just leave New England when your kids keep cooking and baking.  How about a fresh apple pie baked by Scott?
Scott, Rachel, and Lucas were great hosts for their open house.
When all of the kids are such great cooks, how can you just disappear?
Scott had apple pie, pumpkin pie, the veggie cheese baked dish below,
 and some wonderful salmon on the grill to mention a few dishes.
In the previous blog you saw some examples from Alison.  Last week we had a wonderful slow smoked pork butt from Sean, and Gary has some credentials when he has the down time.
I had a chance to go on a food shopping visit with Scott at this new place called Whole Foods?
I know, it's not new.  But we never come across stores like this in our travels.  What an experience!
Above are champagne cheese, serious Italian cheese, brie, and whole figs.
Probably just as well that we don't see Whole Foods on our travels.
Rachel's veggie dip and good old clam dip look wonderful at a family get together.
Love the back roads of New England.
Of course, sometimes the GPS doesn't quite give you the right direction in time.  So we figured why not try the alternate route?
Because this is what happens when you go on a quite pretty, but narrow and winding alternate route.
The sign says 11 foot clearance.
But, why not?  We have 5 to 6 inches of clearance.  It is still unnerving to hear the antennas hit the crossbeams as you cross over.
Our wanderings bring us to Winhall Brook COE Camping Area in South Londonderry, Vermont.
Apologies to Sarah and Morgan. We think we were quite close to you, but it was later in the day. Next year we need to plan ahead?
This is one of those Corps parks that few know about except the locals.
It is located at the junction of the West River where our site is and Winhall Brook where there are also sites.
Many of the sties have a view of the water and, of course, after Labor Day there is good availability.
We enjoyed the bike trails.
This one leaves right from our site and follows a rail bed to South Londonderry through the woods along the river.
A very small town in South Londonderry, but a nice view from the bridge.
The visitor's center is nicely kept. We assume that it is open during the summer months.
You can see how the visitors center used to be an old train depot. 
Along the bike trail are many old stone walls dating back probably to the 1800's or earlier.
This weekend we are at Hammonasset State Park in Connecticut again. Jan and her sister Marsha are visiting their sister Barbara in Boston.


  1. What a pleasure a wonderful family can be.
    Enjoy your travels
    Ed andCarol

  2. Absolutely! Visiting family is a great joy. The family all together is an all too rare occasion.
    We saw your visit to Red Feather Lakes. We hope that was this year with your new Twin King and that you both are able to enjoy that around Colorado.
    Also enjoy your picture from the park near Camden , Maine, one of our favorite towns.