Sunday, March 6, 2016

More Sedona, Arizona and Jerome,Arizona

Jan and I had a number of pictures from Sedona.
We decided to share a few more.  Remember you can click on pictures to enlarge.

This sculpture commemorates the Cowboy Artists of America., a group that formed in Sedona in 1964.  They were all real cowboys who loved being out on the trail.  This link gives you their background.Cowboy Artists of America  We found it fascinating for a time when we were in college and thought this idea was just something from ages back celebrated in 1950's TV and movies (visualize John Wayne). Scroll down in the link to read their story.  This next link takes you to images of paintings by the artists.   Some Paintings by Cowboy Artists This group currently has exhibitions every year.
Center of Sedona (similar pic from last issue)
Taken from the main street of Sedona.  The city campground,  Rancho Sedona RV Park,  is visible at the bottom.

Above is a creek about a one mile hike from our boondocking site. There was water in the rivers and creeks from the snow runoff in the mountains.
  The entrance to the V Bar V Ranch.  Once a cattle ranch, it is now a historical site.
The ranch is known for its petroglyphs.  These are figures carved into the rocks by Native Americans around 1150 to 1400 A.D. .  The colors , green and yellow, are lichen growing on the rocks.
The carvings are not all understood. Some are obvious stick figure people or animals. Others are sun or maze like figures.  These were made by farming communities.  There are other older carvings that may have been made much earlier by hunter,gatherers or traveling communities.  The following link gives a little more information   V Bar V petroglyphs
It was a good long hike , about a 5 mile or so round trip from our boondocking site to the petroglyphs. This picture is of Lady Blue from a side road on that hike.  If you click to enlarge, you can see Lady Blue above the red type.

On one of the days, we enjoyed a nice long hike from the parking lot at Yavapai Vista. So many great views from the many hikes around Sedona!  This link shows just some of the great hiking trails.Day Hiking Sedona  There are many menus and links on this site.
We were lucky to find a parking space for Lady Blue at this stop. Many of the trails have full parking lots with people searching for any opening.  By the way, we loved the contrast of the green and red.

What a great country!!

From Sedona,  we take Beaverhead Flat Road to Cornville Road to Cottonwood and Deadhorse Ranch State Park.  This was a very pleasant state park with some great views.  

A short ride from Cottonwood is Jerome, Arizona.  Well-----a short ride, but most of it is up. The listing is 5,000 feet elevation to an old town known in its heyday for rich copper mines.  In 1920 the population  was around 10,000 people. Now, the 2010 population is 444.
Now, a tourist stop, but many interesting shops , restaurants, and sites.

Always can take time for a 1956? Chevy.  I know, the 1957 is the best!
 Okay, It's called House of Joy.  No explanation. 
Some interesting bits of wood porches around a brick building.

There are a number of interesting shops. Some unique and quality jewelry, crafts, and other shops.
We enjoyed this Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery.  Many beautiful paintings and cards.  We bought a few which were absolutely wonderful(cards). We do this when we find great small art cards.  They display nicely inside Lady Blue.  This view is from their building which used to be a hotel.
Lunch choices were many.  We chose The Mine which was a small cafe of about 10 tables. Our choices were a nice chicken salad wrap(wrap with potato salad, rice, and chicken pieces) and a beef brisket sandwich.
Cannot resist old, rusty vehicles

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