Thursday, July 14, 2016

Emilie's Graduation Party

Okay, it has been a while. 
But we have been enjoying family, friends, lobster, and a bit of touring.
First---continuing the week after Emilie's graduation was the party.
And the high school graduate of honor was Emilie, above, with her
new car.  She is thrilled to have a vehicle for commuting to school and work.
Can you tell?
From left to right
Marcel, Emilie's brother, Emilie, and sister Kathryn
Definitely sisters!
Entertainment was provided by Alison and Keith with their karaoke system 
Definitely a hit of the afternoon.
Keith is always ready to act out the songs.
The smiley cousins.
Left to right: Madison, Lucas, and Emilie
Patty always has a great voice. 
Singing " I'll Stand by You" to Emilie .
Mom and children have always been quite close.
Aunt of many talents, Alison made this beautiful  crocheted blanket for Emilie.
The tent in the background sheltered some excellent home made foods.
Lucas had a great time
Even had an assist from another young guest.
This was Scott and Rachel's picture of Lilly, not from the party, but a perfect place to add it.
Don't you agree!
What's Karaoke without a Disney song?
Madison, Rachel, Lucas, Alison, and Scott
Patty, Gary, and Emilie with , probably, Emilie's 
favorite graduation gift.
Do you know how hard it is to get these people together???
Back row: Marsha, Sean, Dave, Nancy, Linda, Gary, Alison, Scott, Rachel
Front row: Madison, Emilie, Lilly, Jan, and Lucas
We stayed for the party at Whispering Pines in Hope Valley, R.I. 
This campground allowed tents as well as RVs which was great for Sean and Madison.
All that marathon running seems to be agreeing with Sean.
Madison enjoyed the ceramic craft at the campground.

After the party, Jan and I headed down to Fisherman's Memorial State Park in
 Narragansett, Rhode Island.  Point Judith lighthouse is close by.
And ,of course, Iggy's Seafood which is now open in a new building.
Jan and I think it might have been more than 40 years ago that we had dinner here with friends Richard and Gail.This is the Coast Guard House Restaurant, built in the late 1800's in Narragansett, Rhode Island. This ;link will give you some history and pictures.
The Coast Guard House Restaurant
This is on Ocean Road  on Rhode Island Sound .
We were heading east to Somerset, Massachusetts to visit friends and almost hopped back on Route 95. But then we realized we had plenty of time and decided to take the slow route(actually mileage was very close) via Newport, Rhode Island and the bridges.
There are some great views.
We went over three bridges.
The Verrazzano Bridge.
The Claiborne Pell Bridge
With some great views of Newport and the Rhode Island Lighthouse.
And then the Mt. Hope bridge heading into Bristol, Rhode Island.
Because we had to stop at an old favorite Quitos on the harbor.
We would stop here after biking at Colt State Park which is right across the water.
Fried clams are still excellent!
You can pick up your seafood and eat it right on the water
Our destination.
A visit with friends Dave and Nancy.
Dave prepared fresh from the ocean lobster on the grill. Gourmet!
We also had a chance to have a great visit with friends Gail and Richard!

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