Friday, October 21, 2016

On The Road Again

And-----------We're Back!!!
After having such a great summer we are back on the road again.  Currently in Bristol, Tennessee.
The above picture is from the past week up on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Jan and I spent some great times this summer with family and friends.  Also had time for some new explores with Lady Blue.
Lots of pictures from the summer. So, we were thinking we would start off with a few pictures from the past few days followed by some family pictures .
Later on, in the next few weeks (we hope), we will add more pictures from the summer as well as current travels.
We were lucky to have some excellent color on our recent travels

The above pictures were from the Tioga, Pennsylvania area
The Blue Ridge is 469 miles from the Shenandoah to the Great Smoky Mountains.
We spent some time on the Skyline Drive in the Spring and now drove about 100 plus miles on the  Blue Ridge that we had not traveled previously.
The Parkway travels on the top of a ridge and for these 100 miles it offers spectacular views on both sides of the road.  
The sign here indicates that during mid to late September you might see up to 1200 hawks migrating south through the valley. That is 1,200 hawks on a single day!! The high ridges provide updrafts to help them on their way.

Even though this is the prime season for travel on the Ridge, the traffic is very light. Speed limit
 is 45 mph and sometimes less.  
Jan and I loved our spot at Peaks of Otter National Park Campground.  $8 per night gave us this view of the Peaks of Otter Lodge
This is the Johnson Farm, first built in the early 1800's. 
This is how it looked around 1920.
They were subsistence farmers, raising enough vegetables and meat for their own use and some local sales.
Bruce is at it again!!
And what would you do if it did move???

Jan tries her own version.
Scott, Sean, Madison and Alison at Scott and Rachel's
Rachel knows how to take the full group selfies!
Or is that a groupie????
This was at the Bookstore Restaurant in Wellfleet, Mass.
This link offers good information and pictures The Bookstore Restaurant
Lucas, Emilie, Gary, Jan,Bruce,Scott, and Rachel.
Lilly was there, but she is quietly observing from her car seat nearby.
Auntie Ali and Lucas having fun.  
And yes, no standing on the chairs.  OOPS!
Lilly, Uncle Sean, and Cousin Madison.
Lilly is a happy girl!
Scott loves to cook.
Homemade pizza dough
Homemade sauce.
Even homemade tomatoes!
In front of the Frying Pan art gallery at Wellfleet Harbor.
Brothers engineering.
Worth the effort when it rains.
Cousins Emilie and Lucas don't have a lot of chances to see each other.
What a treat!
Emilie, Lucas , Jan , and Lilly.
Even Lilly loves North of Highland Camping Area
Lady Blue also loves the campground, fitting in perfectly to our dry camping site for
two weeks.
Tradition says birthday cake time at the campground!
Not always easy to bake a cake at your campsite!!
18 candles for Emilie!
Not family.
But definitely a star of Cape Cod Camping are
local Wellfleet oysters!!!
Bruce, Alison, and Jan
Great dinner and visit with Alison and Keith(taking the picture)
at Woody's Sports Grille  in Waterboro, Maine.
Check the pictures and the menu in the link.
We loved the Reuben, Wings, Fried pickles, Fried mushrooms,Lobster Roll,  and more.

Bailey is now a fan of Truro, Cape Cod.
And especially Head of the Meadow Beach!
Picking up gear at the registration for the Maine Marathon.
Kind of reminds us of College Class Registration Days.
Sean crossing the finish line for the 
Maine Marathon in Portland, Maine.
Good time too!!
Bruce takes a group selfie??
Bruce, Jan , Linda, and Gary.
Great dinner at Mac's ,Provincetown
For those who have been here before, this is on Shank Painter Road.
Used to be Clem and Ursie's as well as other titles years before.
Great food! 
Early in the Spring, Gary decided that Truro was good for fishing.
We all thought it was wonderful of him to share part of this 
Striped Bass with all of us in August!!!
We really missed Madison at the Cape this year, but were so happy to
see her at her birthday party and here at the marathon cheering Dad on.
We were also thrilled to catch Madison in Igor Stravinsky's
What a wonderful production.  
Look for more pictures to come from the production.

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