Friday, January 6, 2017

A visit to San Antonio, Texas

Jan and I had visited San Antonio with friends Jimmy and Adonia about ten years ago when we had the truck and a fifth wheel trailer.  We had stayed at a campground outside San Antonio and rode in with our friends.  Wanting to return, we checked online reviews of campgrounds and found good reviews for Travelers World, which was located right on Roosevelt Ave, just a few miles from the Riverwalk.  Even better, there was a bus stop right outside the campground that dropped us right at the Riverwalk after about a 20 minute ride.  An important note. If you are going with an RV, be sure to follow the campground directions--some low bridges in the area.
One of the first sights along the Riverwalk was this sculpture outside the Briscoe Western Art Museum.  A very impressive sculpture as you can see from the visitors walking past.  This link will take you to the museum site. Briscoe Museum.
We did not go in on this trip, but note that the museum is free on Tuesdays from 4 to 9 pm. Also, on the site, you will find many interesting collections. 
By the way, there are many museums nearby, including a childrens museum.  You could spend days exploring this section of San Antonio!!!

The basic walk around the popular section of the Riverwalk is about 1.5 miles.  But you can extend that in many areas right off the Riverwalk.
The river boats offer a guided tour around the Riverwalk. We were here during the Christmas week when it was quite busy.  Walking was quite reasonable. But we noticed there were long lines for the river boats in the afternoon. This link will give you a lot of information about the Riverwalk. 
 Riverwalk Information
This link will give you other information about San Antonio.  
Click on the different sections for all kinds of info.
The Visit San Antonio website 
One of the features of the Riverwalk is the long list of restaurants on the Riverwalk and also nearby.
One that was recommended to us by the campground host was Iron Cactus.  We like to do appetizers and drinks, so this worked perfectly. A link to the restaurant
The Iron Cactus website 
I am the kind of person who thought that there were only one or two kinds of tequila. Boy, was I wrong. Jan enjoys a margarita now and then, but I stayed with local craft beer. The following is a link to the list of tequila drinks at Iron Cactus. Iron Cactus Tequila Drinks
There are a number of restaurants, from casual to upscale along the river.  This bridge was used for a romantic scene with Jennifer Lopez in the movie "Selena" This link is a Youtube clip of that scene The Scene from Selena on the Bridge
We  had pictures of the wonderful Chihuly glass exhibit at Las Vegas two years ago. This link is for Chihuly Chihuly web page
The above is in the window at the Hyatt Regency at the Garcia Art Glass. This a different artist Gini Garcia and this link will show you that web page. Garcia Art Glass.  The window piece above is about four feet tall.
A large scale mosaic tile along the Riverwalk
Just a hint of the Christmas lights along the Riverwalk.
The full lights were very decorative.
A smaller tile indicating an entrance to The Little Village of San Antonio. Right off the Riverwalk, this is one of the first villages from the 1800's, restored in the 1930's
Just one of the shops in the village

Perhaps the most iconic picture from the Riverwalk includes the 
Casa Rio Restaurant with its multicolored umbrellas

Not so iconic.
But, we were there!!

Visible from the Riverwalk is the Freedom Torch.

At a number of places , like the Rivercenter, with over 100 shops, there were large Chirstmas trees.
Right off the Riverwalk is access to Alamo Plaza.
Behind the tree is the Emily Morgan Hotel.
The Alamo is one of the most visited spots in San Antonio.  It is a short walk from Riverwalk near the Hyatt Hotel.
Ten Facts about The Alamo 
This was the last destination for David Crockett that we mentioned back in Tennessee.
Also near the Alamo, is the Buckhorn Saloon which also houses the Texas Ranger Museum and a ton of antlers and stuffed wildlife.
The link will give the history The Buckhorn
Another Margarita and local brew at the Paesanos Riverwalk Restaurant. This link is for the Riverwalk Paesanos
 Paesano Riverwalk
The beer is a Saint Arnold , Elissa IPA
Saint Arnold Beer 

A signature dish. The Shrimp Paesano. Tastes even better than it looks!!

Another mosaic along the Riverwalk, indicating an old horse crossing and watering stop.
A little iffy looking from outside, but close to the Riverwalk is the Esquire

Its fame comes from the longest wooden bar in Texas. 
Also, the oldest bar on the Riverwalk(close, but not on).
Link The Esquire Tavern

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