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Quartzsite, Arizona to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

From Kartchner Caverns in  Benson , Arizona, we continue west on Route 10 past Tucson to Casa Grande. A few nights at our Escapee Park, and we continue on Route 8 to Gila Bend. Here we stop at a well designed private campground once called Augie's Quail and now is a KOA . Huge sites, well separated, with a super clean laundry.   From there, we head up Route 85 to Route 10 in Buckeye, AZ and then west to Quartzsite and our group of Lazy Daze owners at La Posa West LTVA.
We missed Roger this year, but Dan and Lynn stepped in and were wonderful as hosts.  For those who wonder, Quartzsite is surrounded by a lot of BLM land(Bureau of Land Management). You can camp for free on BLM land.  LTVA means Long Term Visitor. At LTVA you can pay $40.00 to camp for 2 weeks.  It is somewhat restricted in that you are supposed to have a sticker to be in this area. The $40 gives you access for two weeks to fresh water and a dump station. As you can see above, we have all kinds of room.

Our group is very laid back.  There is no schedule. We generally meet for a social at 5p.m. followed by a campfire. Some people just come for the social, some just come some days, some stay for just a short time at the fire.  This, above, was a pot luck that featured some wonderful foods.

Bring your own chair , plates, and utensils.

The social hour often continues at the fire. This year, the whole time was relatively cold, so the fire was quite welcome.

Sometimes the temperature was into the 40's before the fire was over.
 Thanks to Lauralee for providing the lanterns . They lasted for a long while as they rose up into the night sky.

Camille and Todd, new attendees at the Lazy Daze Quartzsite, were happy to show off their 1984, 22 foot multiplan, with a queen size pop up.

Note the popup is similar to a VW Westphalia.  Lazy Daze only made about 300 of  these.  This 1984, 33 years old!!, is in extremely great shape.  Camille and Todd have owned it for 15 years and used it to camp with their 4 children. There is a sofa that converts to a queen bed, a dinette that converts to a bed, a queen bed over the cab, and queen bed that the kids loved to climb up into on the roof.

 The inside is as great as the outside. Refrigerator/freezer on the left, couch that converts to a bed, storage on the right, bathroom/shower on the right, and the flat surface at the back opens up for a sink.
Dinette that converts to a bed.
The LD has the original engine and transmission too.

We know we have a few Jeep lovers out there in family and friends.
This jeep is owned by Bob, one of our Lazy Dazers.
Note from this side a large jack on the hood, double line winch on the front bumper, off road spotlights, an awning , and oversized wheels

We didn't ask, but we believe the orange that looks like a snowboard, is a traction helper for when you get stuck in the sand. Also on the back is a jerry can for fuel? and one other unknown item.
Note the sturdy roof carrier , spotlights on the back, and the shovel attached. This is a serious desert 4 wheeler.
 Just a few of  more than twenty Lazy Daze units from 1984's to 2016.
Another couple who were part of our Lazy Daze group this year were also avid motorized hang gliders( not sure what the accurate term is here)  They had fun sailing around the Quartzsite area.
We're sure there were many entertained by the glider.
Of course, part of the draw to Quartzsite at this time is the large RV tent and the tables beyond the tent at Tyson Wells.
One of our favorites outside is Slide Ridge Honey.  They are from Mendon,Utah and offer raw honey, honey vinegar, and a hatch chiles and honey vinegar marinade.
A plus at the table is a sample from the honeycomb. Of course, we bought some of each.
Also outside the tent were all kinds of motorhomes, fifth wheels trailers, and tag alongs like the Retro above. 
This link goes to their website Retro trailers
Also a link to new Serro Scotty Serro Scotty
And also some pictures of retro 16 foot Shastas Shasta Rv Trailer
These are quite short--14 to 18feet long--and reminiscent of 1960's trailers--like the old Shastas.  This one has all the modern conveniences like air conditioning, nice sink, stove, and microwave.

Another unusual sight in the parking lot was this Earth Roamer XVlt

We would call this a Class C motorhome for the RVer who is not faint of heart.  These are designed for the most rugged off road camping.
They are made in Colorado and started around 2002. The website link is here  The Earth Roamer XV lt

 Also seen at Quartzsite.
Homemade, note the antlers.
Other than that---?????
If you follow our blog , you might remember a similar truck from the Owls Head Museum in Maine.  This is a much smaller version. Note the pop corn popper inside.
Another random sight. A 1956?? Hudson?? convertible.
Not sure of the year. Pretty sure it is a Hudson. 
Check out this picture review link of Hudsons
 Do you need a used saddle , chaps, or boots?
We had to include this for Ed and Carol who told us about the Quartzsite Bakery a few years ago.
And yes, Ed and Carol, we picked up two apple fritters and a loaf of fresh baked wheat bread.
 Oh, did we mention the sunsets at Quartzsite?
Such a nice visit to Quartzsite. But, our two weeks are over with a blink of an eye.  Back east on Route 10 to Buckeye(which has a very good Wal Mart , Verizon, and Papa Johns). Then south on route 85 to Gila Bend. Then south on Route 85 Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.
 Home of some super tall Saguaro cactus
Did we say super tall?
But also the only place in the U.S. to find Organ Pipe Cactus.
Called organ pipe because---
they looked like the pipes of a pipe organ.
Organ Pipe has many lectures--both in the campground and at the visitors center. This is Scott setting up a wonderful telescope that is used for night time views of the sky and, in this case, daytime views of the sun.  They also have ranger led hikes and van trips to remote sections of the park.  Scott grew up in Utah where he became familiar with many National Parks.  He has spent time at parks in Alaska--taking visitors to see bears catching salmon--, Glacier National Park, and after this time, wants to spend time in Colorado parks.  
We love catching this view every day from the campground.
This pin cushion cactus is only a few inches tall.
We are just a few miles from the border.  A very quiet road.
We are happy with daytime temps in the 70's and night time temps in the 40's.  Very dry.
A wide variety of campers here. This one is home made.
Besides a few large motorhomes, there are many smaller Class C's, Truck Campers, and small Tag alongs.  Also a few Class B and tents in a fairly large campground.
Besides a number of Airstream trailers, there are a number of Casita type trailers here. This is a very light modern trailer that is quite popular with many part time and full time minimalist rvers.
This is a link for that company Casita trailers

Remains of an old Saguaro. The ribs held up a water laden tall cactus and are very strong for building.
A view of our campground from one of our hikes.
Can you see Lady Blue?  We have the awning out.
An Organ Pipe sunset from inside Lady Blue.
Oh those sunsets!!!!!

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