Saturday, October 28, 2017

Swan Pond,Freeport, South Thomaston,Maine

It has been a while, so a few notes to begin.
Jan, Lady Blue, and I are currently in Warriors' Path State Park in Northeastern Tennessee. 
The last few weeks we have been either on the road or in wonderful Corps of Engineer Parks , National Parks , or State Parks. But---often they have not had data signal.

We have so many pictures, that we have decided to divide them into four postings.  That is why the title is about Maine.
This picture is from our recent stop at Loft Mountain Campground in the Shenandoah National Park  on Skyline Drive. We almost didn't walk into the Amphitheater, but when we did------Wow! what a view!

The curmudgeon and his beautiful wife
on the Skyline Drive.
 A great visit with Alison and Keith at Swan Pond.
Had a chance to see the progress on their new house too.

  These are borrowed from Alison's pictures. 
Keith, Kevin and friends attaching the new roof.

Alison took this picture from way above.
The new house is in the lower left of the picture.

 Sean and Keith
Checking on electrics?
 Alison, enjoying the back porch at the camp.
With that beautiful smile!
We always enjoy a stop at Freeport, Maine.  Often we will try to stay at Winslow Park Campground, a community park on the water Winslow Park and Campground
But this time, we needed a campground with easy access to Route 295 for an appointment in Portland the next morning.  Cedar Haven was a very comfortable campground just north of Freeport and right off 295 Cedar Haven Website

A lot of antique farm equipmemt around the campground. The above shows its age with the iron wheels.  Since there is a power takeoff , we might assume it ran behind a really old style tractor. Just not sure what the gears were for. Any ideas?
For those who are not familiar with Freeport, Maine, it is the home of LL Bean as well as a number of other outlets.  There is parking for RVs and many, many cars.  Just be careful around Christmas shopping time. The LL Bean store has many displays such as fish tanks. They also run a number of Outdoor School sessions.  LL Bean website

 There were a number of logs set up on end in a taped off area. They were being used for some chainsaw carving. This bear in snorkel , goggles, and floatee was interesting.
Also in Freeport, besides a number of restaurants, were stores that we found interesting like When Pigs Fly--a great bread store.
Jan and I loved their Anadama Bread , Pumpernickel, and Honey Wheat. Check out the pictures on the website.  Also , Jan and I needed to stop at the Corningware, Corelle store for all kinds of kitchen stuff( we bought a new digital kitchen timer and a new digital meat thermometer.

 From Freeport, we headed up to South Thomaston on Route 1. 
As you head up the coast of Maine, you will notice a number of fingers of land that stretch down into the ocean. Boothbay Harbor is one.  South Thomaston is north of there and about 9 miles out of Rockland and Route 1.  Lobster Buoy is a great little campground overlooking the ocean.  Quite busy in the summer, we found a site easily in the off season. Lobster Buoy Website.
Above is a view from the water side of our site. 
We prefer the small cottage to the left. Note the mansion on the right. You may notice the dock is dry at the moment. The tides here in Maine are quite high.  You can see that high tide goes all the way to the rocks on shore.

This is our site.  The fog can come in quickly.
One of our favorite lobster shacks is about a mile from here. Unfortunately it was closed on the day we stopped by.
Lady Blue from the rocky shore.
Note Bruce's coffee cup as we enjoy our view from Lady Blue.
Note::Three more postings to follow. Next one in a few days.

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