Monday, March 5, 2018

New England Visit for a Wonderful Wedding

If you were wondering where Jan and Bruce and Lady Blue were for the last month and a half, this beautiful picture of Bailey is your first hint. While Lady Blue stayed in Texas, we spent some time in New England for the wonderful wedding of Bailey and Sean.

Sean is ready.

Lucas is all set as ring bearer with a few words from Sean

Lilly offers some encouragement to Lucas.

Father of the groom offers a toast to the happy couple.

Bailey and Sean greet their friends and family.

Great picture 

Beautiful picture of Bailey and Ruby.

Likewise for Sean and Madison

Take note world!
Mom and Dad and all four children in one place for a formal picture.

Bailey with mom Susan; sisters Jessica and Meredith, and daughter Ruby

Sean and Bailey with Bailey's family.

Bailey and Sean with Sean's family.

The four Maggs grandchildren.

Emilie and Madison.
Love seeing the two of you together.

Sean with Mom and Dad

Jan and Susan

Sean and Lucas take time to check out the Ice Fishing Derby on Lake Winnipesaukee.  The wedding was at Church Landing at Mill Falls  right on Lake Winnipesaukee in Meredith, New Hampshire.

Linda, Marsha, Jan , and Rachel at the dinner.
Gary and Sean enjoying some time at the restaurant.

Scott and Sean talking over the events of the day.

Gary, Sean, and Alison catching up on things.

Emilie and Gary.  Great smile Emilie!

Scott, Rachel, Lucas, and Lilly are totally ready for the wedding festivities.

Lucas is really having a great time, here with Aunt Marsha and Mom. Note the ice covered lake outside the window.

Alison spent a long time working on crocheting squares like this to make the afghan pictured below.

Enjoying  a spot in the lounge are Aunt Marsha, Emilie, Lucas, and Sean.

Alison must get her great smile from her Mom.

And a toast between friends Jan and Nancy.
More pictures from our northern visit to follow soon.
It's Spring here in Texas. Lots of birds, daffodils, and flowering trees.

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