Friday, June 14, 2013

Capitol Reef National Park

Many scenic byways in Utah. 

This time it is on Route 12 up to Torrey from Kodachrome.

And then Route 24  to Capitol Reef.

 Lady Blue had a workout again.

!5 and 25mph corners and those 8 to 10 per cent grades.

 Yes, once again that's the road down there.

We were always asking ourselves how the original settlers found their way through these canyons.

The answer was usually Indian guides and the Indians followed the water.

 Between 50 to 70 million years ago, a fault line pushed layers of rock upwards , creating this long huge 100 mile line.

This created a very difficult barrier for the settlers and their wagons.

 Prickly pear cactus flowers at the visitor's center.

The castle formation is viewed directly from the visitor's center.

The park road goes about 18 miles in.

Steep, high rock formations along the road.

Showing the layers that were moved to form the reef.

Some areas of the road were definitely for one car at a time.

Mormon farmers settled in the area in the 1880's.

They grew a large number of fruits in orchards that are still there today.  The area was very harsh and eventually  they left as well.

This is the Gifford house.

They always know that I can't pass up an antique car or truck.

I had a hard time identifying this one.

Any ideas?

The Gifford house was preserved inside.

Also was a great source for a home baked apricot, almond, cherry scone.

Such a huge old cottonwood tree.

A massive trunk and overall fairly healthy still.

If you click to enlarge the picture, you can see some of the petroglyphs.

These are from the Fremont Indians from about
700 to 1300 AD.

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