Friday, June 14, 2013

Kodachrome State Park

On the way into Kodachrome State Park in Utah.

It was named for its vivid colors.  Special permission was granted from Eastman-Kodak to name the park.

A very pleasant site on our loop.

This is the view out our back window.

A warm day for a hike. 

We appreciated all of the small flowers that were doing their best to survive and offer some color in such a dry environment.

There was actually a lot of color to be seen.

Always in stark contrast to the surroundings.

Such strange formations , a result of erosion.  The softer sandstone kind of materials washed away leaving harder materials behind.

No, you can't climb that Jan!

Up on the Angel's Palace Trail.

Nice view of the campground below.

Again, note the variety of colors.

Old Juniper trees and such create interesting designs.

What do you mean, Jan?

Keep going where?

You can see the camp road below.

You have to have a lot of faith in the Park managers that these formations are secure.

Stand right there Jan.  No,  a little to the left.

Just right.

A little early on these barrel cactus blooms, but they are still quite bright.

A view of our site for the one night. 

We stayed here June 3rd.

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