Sunday, November 22, 2015

From Greers Ferry Lake to Wright Patman Lake in Texas

Leaving Greers Ferry Lake and Heber Springs, we follow a nice country road, Route 25, to Route 65 south to Conway, Arkansas.  Our modern GPS and apps like Yelp help us to find groceries.

From Conway, we head west on Interstate 40 for a few miles and then take back roads , Route 9 south to Route 60 west to Scenic Route 7 and Nimrod Lake.

Our choice is Quarry Cove Corps of Engineer park.  Not very many in camp and the ones who are here are hunting. Duck season has opened.  Jan and I are happy to find a high campsite to give us the view above.

The rains and wind have brought down a lot of leaves and branches, but we are intrepid scouts and find the road anyway.

We had to laugh at this building next to a gas station.  No---it is not  a wash for Harley Davidson motorcycles. This is a chain of car washes. The hog is a reference to the razorback hog , a wild boar, that is also the symbol for the University of Arkansas out of Fayetteville.  These links will give you a reference to the 350 member Razorback Marching Band and the Razorback Hog   Razorback Marching Band ,   Razorback, the hog or wild boar .

From Nimrod lake, it is another beautiful , country drive on a scenic road, Route 7 , south through Hot Springs, Arkansas. Then on to Bismarck and DeGray Lake.  Jan and I choose Arlie Moore COE for this stay.

There are some nice campground roads through the three campgrounds( only two are open right now) and the day use area.  Sometime we might look for a small tripod , then you might see the two of us in the same picture.

Arlie Moore is another inexpensive Corps of Engineer Campground.  The offseason, America the Beautiful Senior Pass price is $6 per night.  The park is popular for fishermen and also for a few fulltime campers.
One that we talked to was from New York State, a retired State Public Works man from the Finger Lakes area.  He enjoys a quiet campground and the Corps allows a two months or more stay at this campground from November to March.  He might have to change sites once or twice, but he had a small motorhome like ours, so not a problem.
Lady Blue sometimes attracts different  birds.  This Carolina Wren? spent a bit of time perched on Bruce's bicycle.
Yes-----that is a coffin on a trailer.  And, yes, we did see the owner hitch it up to the motorcycle for a ride.
He mentioned that it seemed a good addition to have close by, in case he ever needed it.  Maybe a little gallows humor, but we wished him good luck and not having to need it. He actually had it open sometimes. It was quite nice inside.  Maybe a new way to get groceries on your motorcycle. Or , how many friends do you suppose are willing to take a ride?
Speaking of different vehicles, this 1933 Chevrolet Master Eagle was on display in the Imax Theater back in Branson, Missouri.  They had used it for their movie on the Ozarks in the section about Prohibition.
From DeGray Lake, we had hoped to visit Millwood Lake COE, but we found out that it had been flooded in the spring and had not been repaired yet.  That was a disappointment, especially since some campers we met said the campground was quite nice.  Instead we continue on Route 30 past Texarkana and into Texas and Route 59 south.  A short distance and we can revisit Piney Point COE Campground on Wright Patman Lake.  We are welcomed by another wonderful sunset.

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