Saturday, December 19, 2015

Heading to Central Texas

So, Hello again.

It has been about one month since our last blog.
Jan and I have been busy updating dentist things and taking care of a number of household fixing and updating.

The picture to the right is from Lake of the Pines, Brushy Creek Corps of Engineer Campground.

A beautiful spot and another new park for us.

Actually, we have visited 26 new parks since leaving New England. 

And we still went past others that will have to wait for another time.

You might notice that we spend a lot of time by the side of different lakes.  The views are spectacular!

But we do stop as we travel through different towns and cities.  Sometimes it is a challenge to see if we find our way to a particular store or post office.

We do note that many of our fellow campers in East Texas are fishermen and their families.

From Lake of the Pines, we head south on Route 59.  That becomes Route 96 south towards Jasper, Texas.  Before Jasper, we head west on Route 83 towards the north end of Sam Rayburn Reservoir and Sam Rayburn COE Campground.

Such a wonderful campground that is grossly underused.

Lucky we are to have a clear night over Thanksgiving to see the full moon on the water. We were , at times, the only campers in the campground over Thanksgiving weekend. This is while other campgrounds are totally full.  Jan and I are happy to keep track of one of the local eagles.  He spends time near his nest, but we do see him perched on a branch in full view and once in flight.  The binoculars are great, but no chance for pictures.

From Sam Rayburn, we head down Route 96 to Jasper and then west on Route 190 to Steinhagen Lake.  This is another stop at a favorite Sandy Creek COE (which was full over Thanksgiving).

Then on to our home base in Livingston, Texas.  We arrive on the last day of November which is a good thing.  Our vehicle registration expires.  But, the new one is waiting in our mail at the Escapees mailroom at Rainbow's End Campground.    Everyone is in a good mood for the holiday season, so we take time to mail Christmas gifts, update our dentist checkups, get a pneumonia shot, update our phone and computer.  The phone was way past replacement.   The old computer was great, but would always turn  off the wifi connection at the worst possible times.  It also was taking forever to start up , which for us is every time it was used.  We needed a USB port for uploading pictures and something that worked faster.

The solution was a Windows Surface Pro i3 with 128 gigabytes of storage.  It took some time to get our  photo software on board and working, but here we are.  So far, we are quite happy. Since it is solid state, we worry less about vibrations on the road. And it starts up in a few seconds.

All of this was completed in Conroe, Texas on Route 105.  And after finding everything we needed, we continued on Route 105 to Lake Somerville.

Pulling into Rocky Creek COE was a shock, because there was a closed sign on the entrance window.  A work camper indicated that there was a lot of damage in the spring during some strong storms and flooding.

But, luckily the next door campground, Yegua COE, was open.

Yegua also has dozens of deer all around the campground.  It becomes a good spot to last out some severe rainstorms.

We had almost 4 inches of rain while other towns in the area had up to 8 inches of water.
We were happy to avoid tornadoes . Only one touched down further north and east.

Some of you who have RVed know the sound.  But we will confirm. A heavy rain like that is amazingly loud on your RV roof!!!  The deer are fairly tame , but insist on staying at a short distance.
Jan and I notice that we have entered a section of very green grass as well.

Even the herons are happy with the extra water.

Another benefit of after the rain is bright ,colorful sunsets.

From Somerville Lake, we head up Route 36 and then west on Route 79 and north on Route 95 to Granger Lake.  After a great visit , we move on past Georgetown on Route 29 to Inks Lake State Park.  Yes, we are running out of Corps of Engineer Parks.  But Inks Lake is a great new addition.

And, ------the Prickly Pear cactus and palmetto remind us that we are approaching a drier section of the country.  

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