Friday, January 29, 2016

Rockhound State Park , New Mexico and Quartzsite, Arizona

Yes, it has been a few weeks.   We have been enjoying a wonderful visit with other Lazy Daze owners in the desert at Quartzsite, Arizona.

More on that in a bit.

After that great visit to Mesilla , it was a short drive to one of our favorite campgrounds south of Deming, New Mexico.

That is Rockhound State Park.

As you can see, the view from Lady Blue's back window is wonderful.  The elevation , the campground is nestled right against the mountains, gives a long perspective up towards Deming.
There had been snow earlier and with low temperatures and a little more precipitation, we are offered a magnificent view of the snow covered Florida Mountains.
Rockhound is a small campground, so we always consider ourselves lucky if we can find an opening.
There is a hike above the campground that offers another view.
We can be comfortable in Lady Blue and watch the snow flurries hit the mountains.
It is also nice to be back among very healthy prickly pear cactus and ocotillo.
No ski trails here.  Not a long enough winter for snow cover.  But there is skiing not too far north.

From Deming, we jump back on Route 10 west into Arizona and on to Casa Grande.  Jan and I needed to talk to Marvin about a few minor repairs and some new improvements for Lady Blue.  We think we have an appointment set up for early March.  More later.
Lots of trains on this route parallel to Route 10 and connecting to other towns.  Sometimes the wait at a crossing can be quite long!!

Where some sections of Route 10 can be quite flat desert, some sections can be very awesome.  More so after snowstorms in the mountains.
From Casa Grande , Jan and I prefer the quiet ride on Route 8 west to Gila Bend , north on Route 85 to Route 10 again(missing Phoenix traffic), and then on to Quartzsite, Arizona.  Along the way from Rockhound, we have noticed many favorite campgrounds which we hope to catch on the way back east.
Roger seems to really enjoy organizing a gathering of Lazy Daze owners at the Long Term Visitors Area (LTVA) south of town. We all certainly appreciate his efforts.  This year there are twenty or more units at different times.  
Not sure why, but Quartzsite always seems to offer some brilliant sunsets.  This year you  would see many of our group stop our gabbing at Happy Hour to stand and stare or take pictures of these natural displays.
A big attraction is the vendor areas and the big tent for the RV show.  Everything you could possibly want for your RV and more.  
This very nice Ford truck, I think, is a late 1920's model.  Anybody knows for sure, let me know.
This 1952 or so Dodge is meant simply to draw attention to a food vendor tent.
This one was at the visitor's parking lot. A late 1920's  two door. 

A very nice interior, but not original.  The leather, steering wheel, and automatic transmission are not from the 1920's. Pretty sure they did not offer this color either.

A regular visitor to Beer Bellies (Adult Daycare) is this old motorcycle and sidecar. Note the CCCP, Soviet Union to the younger crowd.  A little hard to see but note the machine gun with ammunition in the sidecar.  The horizontal engine reminds me of a BMW engine, but---no clue.
The seats look comfortable.
A Jeep is a Jeep?
Many models of the standard Jeep.  Some go back to at least the 1950's.  Comfortable looking they are not.
Always enjoy seeing a Jeep that still has the Willys name ( here on the hood).   Here is a link for any enthusiasts 1950's Jeep Images
A sign at the ice cream vendors outside the big tent.
I guess we were told!
All through Quartzsite there are many tents and vendors of rocks, minerals, precious stones, and jewelry. One of the vendors also has an offering of antique railroad dining car china.

A little hard to see , but this is all railroad dining car china pieces made into jewelry. We have an address and a name for Clifton and Vicki , or others, if you are interested.

For the young at heart.  We went by these every day.  We thought it was a good treatment for the water tank.
The schedule for our Lazy Daze group is very relaxed.  Everyone can do exactly what they want.  There are a few who like to camp with the group but might be seen only once or twice.  Most of the group likes to gather at 4:30 p.m. for Happy Hour.  Usually there are snacks--delicious hot and cold snacks--- and sometimes there is a pot luck gathering.  Often , before sunset, as the desert temperature starts to plummet, the group moves over to Roger's very toasty fire.
When it is dark enough, Roger likes to light up the candle balloons.  There is no real fire danger here on the desert, so many campers light these and watch them sail up into the sky and disappear.

Roger tending the fire.  Roger enjoys having a good supply of firewood and starting and tending the fires.  We all chip in for the firewood, but somehow I never think we give enough.  Thanks Roger!!

Always a good time to chat with other members of the group.  Libby, the dog,  really loves to think she is a lap dog.  She has to be about the friendliest dog ever.

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