Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lake Mohave and Katherine Landing

We stayed on the LTVA La Posa West for our full two weeks. By that time many of our fellow Lazy Dazers were also leaving or had left already. We do see some long term campers out on the BLM land . One gentleman we talked to at the water fill was from Canada and was there for 5 months.

Remember that 7 months can be had for a total of $180. That guarantees you water filling , trash dumpsters, and a dump station. Way too long for Jan and me.

We headed north on Route 95 through Parker, Arizona. On through Lake Havasu, where we stopped last year to see the London Bridge. We stopped this year at an O'Reilly Auto Parts to pick up a socket wrench and extension to make emptying our water tank and cleaning it much easier. Our original reason for stopping was to replace our 300 watt inverter. We replaced it with a 400 watt Peak inverter. This is good to invert our 12 volt to 120 volt for charging phones and computers and running our satellite dish . We still plan to install at least a 600 watt hard wired inverter that would be happier running the satellite receiver when we are dry camping.

After Lake Havasu we continue on Route 95 to Route 40 west to Needles, California(just across the Colorado River) and then back on Route 95 into Arizona again and up to Bullhead City.

Bullhead City seems to be a bigger city every year on the Arizona bank of the Colorado. Across the river are many casinos. Maybe that is the reason. Above Bullhead City, there is a good marker for Katherine Landing Campground which is on the Lake Mohave . Lake Mohave link will help those who wish to delve into the complicated water rights claims to the Colorado River(Hoover Dam and delivering water to Mexico?) Lake Mohave is part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Katherine Landing is a very relaxing campground. The sites are well separated with privacy provided by surrounding Oleander bushes. Last year the fee was $5 per night(dry camping), but this year-starting in January 2016--the fee for senior pass is $10 per night. We cannot argue. The campground is well kept and very quiet.

Always a fun walk down to the Marina--extremely quiet this time of the year-- and check on the ducks and giant fish. All looking for bread crumbs that visitors throw.

Once again, we hunker down while a huge storm comes in from California. The wind gusts are up in the 60's and we actually get a fair amount of rain and sleet overnight. As you can see in the distance we are treated to snow covered mountains in the area. This is the storm that closed down highways in Colorado and created tornadoes further east. Quite cold after, but we are happy to be out of the extreme weather.

A side benefit of the winds and rain is a beautiful sunset. Arizona seems to have quite a few. By the way, Katherine Landing is at the corner of California, Arizona, and Nevada.

All too soon, it seems time to start heading south again-- eventually on our way to Yuma and then Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. This time we pull over to some BLM land on Plomosa Road a little north of Quartzsite. Since we are only staying for a few days, it makes no sense to pay for the LTVA sections. This land is free for camping with a 14 day limit.

BLM land accounts for 1/8 of the land in the United States. Most lands are in the western 12 states and Alaska. This link gives you a link to the federal site. BLM Land . People in this section of the country feel very strongly about their right to this public land. Most are very good about following rules for the various areas.

As you can see, we have a beautiful yard to enjoy.

Jan is standing next to a small Saguaro cactus.

Jan is standing next to a big---wait a minute--BIG!!!-- Saguaro cactus.

No, Bruce, you do not look like a saguaro.
Why are Jan and Bruce smiling?
Maybe a welcome for new granddaughter Lilly!!!!

This was a unit at Quartzsite. The Lazy Daze is a good 20 years old. Anyone recognize the year of the Ford Econoline type front end? The VW beetle is about 1967--belongs to the Lazy Daze unit.

Those of us who had Beetles way back know that the bumper changed in 1968--among other features.

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