Thursday, January 17, 2019

Picacho Peak State Park, Arizona; Lazy Daze Motorhomes, Montclair, California; East Shore RV Park, San Dimas, California


Picacho Peak State Park is slightly west of Tucson on Interstate 10. We had stayed here years ago, and now it is still a great stopover .
Jan's favorite cactus, Saguaro, are here. 
Also the Picacho Peak and views of the constantly used railroad tracks and Route 10 way below.

So many things at this waystop along Route 10. This is exit 173. Chiriaco Summit, and the General Patton museum. A very busy stop for fuel, food, and more---one of the few along this section of Route 10. 
Guess the poor guy who owned the vehicle above never got his gasoline.

Further along on Route 10 . If you enlarge the center of this photo you can see the water pipes that have been drilled through the mountain.
West of Indio, California there is a section of valley or mountain pass that channels a fair amount of wind.  The wind farms in the area have multiplied since our last visit a few years ago.
Not sure how may more can fit in some places.
Early January, so too late for the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena on January 1st.

The place where Lazy Daze motorhomes like Lady Blue are created in Montclair, California.
We had a few things to fix on Lady Blue. She was quite happy afterwards.

While waiting, Todd-our salesman from back in 2012--gave us a tour of a brand new 27 foot , mid bath model.

I am still getting used to the movie mode. Also a wide angle lens would be great for inside shots.  Those who know our 24 foot Twin King model will note a much bigger bath and an addition of the dinette which also creates an additional living space.

Todd indicated that this 1966 is being restored little by little.
This 16 foot was a popular model.

Some of the highlights were big for 1966.

Called a Sportsman Housecar. The insulation was big as well as the extra storage.

The day was getting late and Todd suggested this campground close to Lazy Daze, East Shore RV Park in San Dimas, Lady Blue loves the snow covered mountain in the background
We loved watching the many small planes taking off and landing at the airport that was below us.
Jan thought we could look at this house maybe?
Note a great porch around the second floor, a circular room on the right,and a gazebo.  Don't forget the terraced vineyard below and a large number of solar panels.
Of course there was also this one.
We like the first one better though.
Many nice views from the campground.

The campground is at the top of a hill,
and it is quite well designed for most sites to have good to great views.
That;s Lady Blue in the distance.

Another great view.

Had to add the sunset view as well.

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